Exhibition of Museyib Amirov

Exhibition of Museyib Amirov

Museum of Contemporary Art

Start date: 16 January End date: 10 February

The Museum of  Modern Art will open the exhibition "Look" by honored artist of Azerbaijan, Museyib Amirov in the framework of an art project on January 16, 2015. The curator of the project – is Chingiz.

Museyib Amirov was born in 1963 in Baku. He is a son of the highly regarded artist, Arif Amirov. A graduate of the Azerbaijan State University of the Arts, Museyib Amirov has previously taught "Experimental art" in the Azerbaijan Academy of Arts.

Today Museyib Amirov works as an independent artist. His artworks are exhibited in the USA, France, Germany, Lithuania and held in many museums and private collections around the world.

He has participated in major international projects including: “Art Exhibition” "Baku- Paris. 20 artists", “Orangeri de Senat”, Paris, France (2004); “Exhibition of modern Azerbaijan artists”“IMF Gallery”, Washington, USA (2004); the International art exhibition in Luxemburg (2003) and the International Art Exhibition, "Grands et jeunes d'aujourd'hui", Espace Auteuil, Paris, France (2003).


Reflection on the topic

Being in the process, people often forget about life itself…

“Look at life in focus!”- visual call of the artist Museyib Amirov to look at regular realities by critical view – is an answer to indifference and quiet relationship to destructive process which happen in the world. By pulling out from the phrases by snippets and whole “poems” subconsciously, the works of the artist become a big protest to oncoming domination of impersonal, total, technical supremacyin the context of the project…

The artist files the thoughts at his paintingsoffering an author version of the story of modernity in the grotesque form - stylized images overfillthe form of the canvas format. People are trying to save themselves from the society which he has been creating for centuries. The industry and new technologies outshone a person so that he became to depend on his “brainchild”. All of those created for benefit of people, have turned against them by displacing it from regular natural life format into lifeless virtual environment in constructions space from concrete, glass and metal… There is no place for a man in the city created by him…

Progress is technical, but the regression is spiritual and as a result –is unbalance natural harmony laid in human genes.