TOP-10 facts about wristwatches

TOP-10 facts about wristwatches

It is not a problem to learn a time in our time. Each mobile gadgets, phone or office computer has a clock. With such competition, the role of wrist chronometers recedes into the background and became the subject of more style and taste of the owner. Let’s present you the list of facts about wristwatches.

1. The first watches were created in the early of the 19th century for major general Eugene de Beauharnais, Napoleon's stepson, but it was not appreciated and not widespread at that time. So - called trench watches or "wrist” have become popular among the military. As we have already seen from their names, these were worn on the wrist. They have become a transitional stage between the pocket and wristwatches. Nowadays, due to the wide spread of mobile phone, watches have lost their relevance and often play the role of a beautiful accessory.

2. At least twenty people attendes in the manufacture of conventional watches.

3. If we take a ticking watch by mouth and tightly shut ears with our hands, instead of a quiet monotone, ticking strong heavy blows will be heard.

4. The majority of watch parts is produced at the Swiss factory with the use of modern machines and automated equipment. Only a handful of elite plants-watch manufacturers can afford to completely manual assembly. The cost of such watch starts from a few tens of thousands dollars.

5. The history of the world famous clock «Tissot» has began in 1853 in a small provincial workshop, where the owners themselves - father Charles and son Emile Tissot has worked. Their products were already selected from the rest of the competitors due to its excellent quality and precision. In 1866 «Tissot» receives major order for production of watches for Russian officers and becomes the official supplier of watches of Russian Imperial Court until the 1917 revolution. After the loss of a big customer, Tissot has established the production. Emile Tissot has personally traveled to 53 countries in searching of new markets. To date, the company has 150 branches in different parts of the world. Only according to rough estimates about a million watches of this trademark are sold in a year.

6. Since 1974, the company «Tissot» is an official "time keeper" and partner of all major competitions. At the same time, the Swiss watchmaker “Tissot” has became an official timekeeper and partner of our country in the upcoming 1st European Games Baku 2015.

7. Many people believe that the name of the Swiss watch «Swatch» is an abbreviation of «Swiss Watch» (“Swiss watch"). But as says one of the founders of the company George Hayek, it's not so. Name was derived from the phrase «Second Watch» (“Second Watch"). That is affordable and necessary accessory for every day.

8. Each year the world produces more than one billion watches. Sixty percent of the production is concentrated in Japan.

9. The most expensive watch in the world – is Chopard, its cost is $ 25,000,000. It is an unique diamond jewelry. The weight of all the stones on the bracelet is a little more than two hundred carats.

10. The younger brother of the Sultan of Brunei Prince Jefri has paid $ 5.2 million for 10 diamond-studded watch.