Google Chrome

Google Chrome

You have probability used of Google Chrome. May be, you use of it now too. We use of Google Chrome more, but what we know about it?

Google Chrome (Google Xrom) is open – source Internet browser established by Google. Chromium is the name given to the open – source code project at the back of Google Chrome. Beta version developed for Microsoft Windows was given to usage on September 2, 2008 in 43 different languages. Then Mac OS X and Linux versions are given to usage too.

Caricature made by Scott McCloud and explaining the reason and specification of this new browser, the official date of which is September 3, 2008 has been sent to journalists and blogs. Copies made for Europe were given at Google Blogoscope ofPhilipp Lenssen. Caricature consisting of 38 pages is placing at the pages from September 1, 2008 up today. Google immediately began to spread the caricatures under the status Google Books in its site and dealt with it in its official blog.

First of all, its design aims were to develop the security among the exit bra users, to provide the speed and durability. Therefore, the change of wide user interface was made. 26 different code libraries have been established which consists of another third part as Chrome, Google and Netscape.

Chrome periodically updates two black lists (phishing and malware). And when the users visit to the harmful sites, it notices them. This service is used through the open field to society reminded as “Google Safe Browsing API” by other users.

User interface mainly includes back, forward, update, sites, go and delete options. These options look like Safari. But its parameters are alike with Internet Explorer 7 / 8. Close buttons of the window were based on Windows Vist.

Writer of “The Daily Telegraph” Matthew Moore has made this estimation as one of the controllers of program: “Google Chrome is pleasant, speedy and has new effective features, but isn’t a competitor threatening Microsoft.”

Comment heard from Microsoft: “We don’t consider serious the threat of Chrome” and “We suppose that, a lot people will select Internet Explorer 8” Opera Software: “Chrome will be strengthened in Internet as the greatest application platform”. But Mozilla has stated that, the entrance of Chrome into web browser market isn’t surprise and Chrome has no such a target to be a competitor of Firefox.