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Baku, Хatai district, Khojalı prospect, 14 AZ1025 *** 4 voted

About Wasabi

Wasabi Japanese restaurant considered for 60 seats opened its doors to visitors in the New Year 2014. Original dishes, cooking quality and variety of menu have immediately stricken our visitors’ fancy. Named after the spicy Japanese condiment, Wasabi restaurant is pleased to invite everyone to discover the rich and sophisticated world of Japanese cuisine.Wasabi restaurant is located in the historical center of Baku.

Services of Wasabi restaurant

At our restaurant you will be able to touch the atmosphere and aesthetics of the Land of rising sun. The interior is designed in classical Japanese style: cozy sofas, comfortable tables made of dark wood and a spacious bar. Used in the design of the original Japanese attributes, in particular real old samurai chain mail. All crockery and cutlery in the restaurant, including the knives used by chefs at work, have been brought from Japan.

There is an Electrical conveyer in the sushi bar. And for the convenience of the customers, the dishes of snacks are divided into colors. For example, on the red plates - sushi, on blue ones - rolls, etc.Prices also differ like colors, and therefore the customers (as well as waiters) can easily orientate, while having idea about their expenses: all meals of the same color have the same price.By the way, Wasabi - is the First restaurant in Azerbaijan with live Teppanyaki cooking. Its feature is that the chef prepares meal in the broad iron frying-pan teppan in front of visitors, then hot meal is immediately put on the guests’ plates. In addition, Wasabi chefs cook the meal by showing breathtaking artistic techniques - show with fire, juggling utensils and flipping food into the air, etc.

The main ingredients for the Teppanyaki cuisine are fresh seafood, beef, chicken and vegetables. By the way, all products Wasabi restaurant imports from abroad: fish and seafood from Dubai and Europe, beef tenderloin from Australia and New Zealand, chicken fillet from Brazil.
Opening hours: daily from 12:00 till the last visitor.Every Friday and Saturday from 19:00 guests enjoy the live music.If you appreciate the original Japanese cuisine, its taste and quality - welcome to Wasabi restaurant. Here you will plunge into the atmosphere of Real Japan, enjoy excellent cuisine and relax the soul!