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About TransEuroCom

Telecommunications operator activity of the company " TransEuroCom " LLC includes the following areas of communication:

  • Provision of fixed telephony services in Baku by ATC -499 / 599 and in the cities of the Republic- Ganja, Agstafa, Yevlakh and Hadjigabul by ATS- 428 ;
  • Providing dedicated digital telecommunication leased lines in Baku through a fiber- optical network of the Company ;
  • Providing dedicated digital telecommunication channels via fiber optic link installed along to the railway on the direction of Baku- Boyuk Kassik (border of Azerbaijan / Georgia);
  • Provision of high speed access to the Internet (ADSL and unlimited)

TransEuroCom - Wireline telephony

The telecommunication company "TransEvroKom" provides fixed communication on the basis of the license No. 065578 issued by the Ministry of Communications and Information technologies of the Azerbaijan Republic. Since December of the 2005th year provides services of a fixed communication in the cities: in Baku via PABX 499/599, in Gandzha, Agstafa, Evlakh, Hadzhigabul via PABX 428.

TransEuroCom - Internet

  • ADSL
  • Unlimited

TransEuroCom - Rent channel

The telecommunication company "TransEvroKom" on the basis of the license granted by the Ministry of Communications and High information technologies (No. 065639) provides leased communication channels services in the following directions

  • Provision of corporate local leased-line Ethernet circuits on speed from 10Mbps up to 10Gbps via fiber-optical cable lines in Baku and Gandja.
  • Provision of leased line circuits services at speeds 2 Mbps (E1), 34 Mbps (E3), 155 Mbps (STM-1) between Baku and Agstafa (border of Azerbaijan/Georgia)