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About Tetrada

Pharmaceuticals - that, and the production of drugs and drug delivery to the people, as well as the right to inform the people - a difficult and honorable work.Tetrada LTD was also destined to work in this field.Catching up with 2000 pharmaceutical activities Tetrada LTD provides the population with drugs, medical supplies and cosmetics meet international quality standards of the leading reputable companies.

Main activities of Tetrada

Basic principles of the company's health and customer satisfaction.Tetrada LTD , in cooperation with such famous companies as "Abbott Nutrition", "Actavis", "Johnson & Johnson", "Dabur International", "Polpharma", "Antibiotice SA", "Genericon Pharma", "HIMALAYA Drug company" representing the United States, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Poland, Korea, India, Romania and other countries, brings to medicines, medical supplies, cosmetics, natural-based and provides both retail and wholesale, at the same time to time medical centers for medical prevention as well as for doctors and the public shall inform according drugs.

The structure includes Tetrada LTD main office in the city of Baku four, five divisions by region sales, as well as pharmacies and most importantly as a part Tetrada LTD includes marketing department with highly qualified medical pharmaceutical staff working in the city of Baku and the regions, providing information to medical institutions, pharmacies on medications, medical supplies and cosmetics.Tetrada LTD uses his years of experience and capabilities in the field of cosmetics.Tetrada LTD imports to cosmetics plant-based manufactured with the latest technology leading pharmaceutical companies.In this new field of marketing and sales departments, gradually expanding their activities and by region.

Basic principles of the company

  • Stability - Tetrada LTD attaching great importance to the introduction of new methods, their principles and objectives leaves unchanged the health of people is always in the foreground.
  • Transparency - Tetrada LTD is guided by the principles of the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan Republic and comply with the rules of international cooperation.
  • The process of procurement, importation into the country, and further sale of medicines and medical supplies carried out transparently.
  • Innovation - day after day to improve the provision of services, Tetrada LTD selects new drugs and medical supplies produced by the introduction of new innovative technologies and methods. Tetrada LTD , create the conditions for skills development and adaptation to an innovative new method introduced in the structure of the world experience.
  • Efficiency - the main criterion for effectiveness Tetrada LTD is customer satisfaction and the achievement of positive results in the treatment of diseases.

The main indicator of quality is the repeated reference to us customers, and not return, and this trend has made every effort.

Appointment brought in by drugs

Tetrada LTD guided by the principles of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan brings to the country and delivers drugs to the population, in all spheres of pharmacology (cardiology, internal medicine, antibiotic, Aurvedic, gastroenterology, etc.), Medical supplies and cosmetics plant-based.

Staff of the company

In Tetrada LTD employs around 120 highly skilled employees, increasing their qualifications it is always in the foreground.Company management with a view to training staff conducts trainings, seminars led by local and foreign experts.Tetrada LTD regularly participates in conferences on health is represented by the products.Carrying out the activity since 2000 Tetrada LTD thanks to modern methods of doing business and trained highly qualified staff, has become a kind of pharmaceutical school.