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ANAS Experimental-Industrial Plant

Baku, Ahmadli settlement, Хatai district, 622/9 AZ1032 *** 2 voted

About ANAS Experimental-Industrial Plant

Experimental-Industrial Plant founded on the basis of Ahmadli Experimental Basis of Institute of Petrochemical Processes in 1974 is only experimental test institution in the Republic as well as in National Academy of Sciences. Main duty of Experimental-Industrial Plant consists of establishing direct relations between science and production, mastering new technological process on experiment and experimental - industrial scale, making project report and as well as production and sale of petrochemical and technical products.

Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences EIP

Engine oil (M-10Q2, M-14V2m M-16V2, and etc.), transmission oils (nigrol),KC-19 compressor oil, MQ-Az-10A hydraulic oil (AMQ-10 analogue of hydraulic oil), ignol, axle oil, lubricating material (solidol, lithol-24, siatim-201, graphite lubricant, rope lubricant and etc.) super plastificator, inhibitor, demulsifier, lacquer - painting substances (multifunctional polyester urethane lacquer), hydrogen gas, nitrogen gas and liquid nitrogen, carbon dioxide in the form of gas and solid (dry ice), polymer nanocomposite of ferromagnetic basis, polyethylene pipes of different types, and etc, products of petrochemical profiles were produced in the plant.

By the decision No.22/3 of Presidium of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences dated on November 06 2013, Experimental-Industrial Plant of Institute of Petrochemical Processes was given under patronage of Presidium of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences and execution of this decision gives opportunity to establish greater scientific-technical relations between Experimental-Industrial Plant and different Scientific-Research and Educational Institutions of the Republic.