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Slavyanka 1

Baku, Narimanov district, Ziya Bunyatov prospect, 20/61 AZ1000 *** 1 voted

About Slavyanka 1

“Slavyanka 1” is pure spring water. This clean spring water is collected in a water pool via special pipes. After the water is settled in the pool, it is filtered through coal (dust tree), sand, mechanical filtration system, ultraviolet rays, ozonized, and brought ready to be bottled. The main goal in applying this technology is to retain distinct peculiarities and mineral content of the spring water. Laboratory analyses and quality control of the water prepare for production at source is carried out as per schedule. All records are archived. The process beginning from swelling per tare to packing is performed automatically without human factor. This process is also applied to filling and packing 19 liter ballons. The products produced in “Slavyanka 1” LLC “Slavyanka-1” gas-free-0?5 L; 1,0L; 1,5L;5,0L;10,0L; 19,0L, pet container, “Slavyanka 1” gaseous -0,5L; 1.0L glass bottle, “Slavyanka1” gas-gree-19,01. pet container for dispenser Water source: Gadabay rayon, Slavyanka village, “Novlu” spring