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Executive power of Shirvan city

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About Executive power of Shirvan city

Shirvan is a city in Azerbaijan, located on the Kura River.The city forms one of the administrative divisions of Azerbaijan.The city originated in the 19th century as the Russian resettlement village Zubovka, named in honor of Valerian Zubov, while it was known locally as Qarachukhar. Throughout its history, Shirvan changed its names few times. The city called Zubovka prior to 1938, then was renamed to while Ali Bayramli from 1938 to 2008.The city was renamed to Shirvan by the decision of the Parliament of Azerbaijan on April 25, 2008.Throughout its history, Shirvan has suffered from floods because of its proximity to the river and the relatively low elevation of most of the town.The municipality of Shirvan consists of the city of Shirvan and the municipalities of Bayramly, Chilpagly and Haji Gahramanly.