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Qartal Construction Company

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About Qartal Construction Company

Qartal Construction Company is a symbol of honesty and proud and every member of the company works hard to achieve best results. This resoluteness finds its attraction in the project and work of the company.

  • Qartal Construction Company is one of the leading onstruction companies in the field of height works.
  • The main principals of our architectural design are to achieve working atmosphere, and make the place more comfortable for the working staff. Thanks to our hardworking personnel number of modern and contemporary buildings constructed by our company is increasing with every passing year.

We made it clear to ourselves that if one is always looking for something new, keeping his promise, keeping to the terms of the contract, and his main values are honesty, truthfulness and efficiency then he can achieve only one thing, which is called success. We're alway looking into the future. Our company rises to the heights as we build and raise our towers up to sky. We make our rising stronger and more reliable with our capability, strength and will. If you choose us you will gain a reliable partner and will work with the high qualified and zealous personnel.

Qartal Construction Company services

The main field of activity of the company is construction-installation and radio installation works of special-purpose facilities, military facilities and telecommunication facilities.

The appointment of the projects implemented by Qartal Construction Company in the last years covers the area stated below:

  • Construction of important special-purpose state agencies
  • Construction of military establishments
  • Construction of base stations of mobile communication, radio-installation works, supply and installation of radio rele link and its maintenance,
  • Supply of radar equipments and construction of radar tracking systems, construction of radar site infrastructure
  • Construction of satellite communication systems,
  • Routing of optic cable lines and termination,
  • Installation of high and low voltage underground cable and high and low voltage overhead power line
  • Supply and installation power supply system,
  • Construction and installation of security systems in special state sites etc.