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Priority International Consultants Azerbaijan

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About Priority International Consultants Azerbaijan

"PRIOITY INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANTS AZERBAIJAN" is one of the leading companies - suppliers of oil equipment companies on oil industry in Azerbaijan. In addition, the company is working closely with the Azerbaijan and foreign contractors and subcontractors companies on oil production and refining. List of manufacturing companies - partners, list of their produced equipment and the types of provided services and services is mentioned below. Downhole equipment is represented by the companies Top-Co of Canada and Map Oil Tools from the US. Top-Co offers: - Shoes with check valves and check valves; - Centralizers; - Float shoes and clutch; - Equipment plugin (cork, cork); - Cementing plugs; - Equipment for stage cementing (head coupling); - Welded products centralization (centralizers, hoops); - Coupling lock. Map Oil Tools offers: - Packers cementing; - Vise; - Connecting valves; - Packers recoverable annulus; - Tube bridge; - Packers Unrecoverable performance; - Cork composite for hydro - breaking formation; - Tools hydraulic landing; - Packers heat-resistant performance; - Tubing anchors, traps, TAC-B. Oil equipment is represented by companies from the US and UPCO Power Flow International Sales, Inc. from the United States. UPCO offers: - Sucker rod; - Hooks for pump rods; - Couplings. Power Flow International Sales, Inc. offers: - primary engines (electric motors, diesel and gas engines); - Blowout preventers; - Equipping wells; - Couplings; - Christmas Trees and spare parts; - Oil separator; - Gas separator; - Stocks polished; - Rod pumping. List of equipment for other purposes: - Equipping wells; - Filters; - Screens; - Sleeve; - Rollers; - V-belts; - Various valves. Gardner Denver from the US offers: - Blowers; - Fans injection; - Compressors; - Couplings dry socket; - Fuel system recharge; - Ejectors; - Sleeves boot; - Pumps; - Fill valves pumps; - Vacuum pumps; - Pumping system; - Parts of pumps; - Tank equipment; - Tanker; - Transmission. American Pacific Rubber, Inc. Company from US offers: - Rubber products; - Products made of brass or metal; - Blowout preventers; - Stem retainer polished; - Spare and replacement parts; - Seals. Company Kimray, Inc. of US offers: - Valves, high and low pressure (throttle, separate, drive); - Flowmeters; - Regulators liquids - Temperature controllers; - Pumps for natural gas drying system. Company Westco International Consulting, Inc. of US offers: - Elevators for tubing and tubing; - Keys casing; - Keys open pipe; - Keys closed tube; - Power supply; - Stocks; - Spiders. Engineering equipment is represented by companies Ega Master SA from Spain, EWM Group from Germany, Ulva Insulation Systems Ltd. from the UK, SKF of Sweden, TKD from Germany, Hi-Lite Aluminium Concrete Support Systems. Ega Master S.A. offers: - Pliers; - Electrical tools, electrical engineering; - Plumbing tools; - Mites; - Spanners; - Movable keys; - Puller gears; - Head; - Pullers; - Clippers; - Screwdriver; - Pin; - Files; - non-sparking tools; - Percussion instruments; - Non-magnetic tools made of titanium. EWM Group offers: - Welding tool; - Burner; - Consumables for welding; - Welding accessories; - Equipment for gas welding; - Surface treatment; - Automation; - Mechanization. Ulva Insulation Systems Ltd. offers: - Insulating materials; - Materials combined insulation; - plated insulating non-metallic; - Panel components; - self connecting cover; - Cladding; - potted materials; - Seals; - Material connection; - Gaskets. SKF offers: - All kinds of bearings; - Lubricating materials; - Seals; - Equipment for removing and installing bearings; - Coupling; - Products designed for industrial transmissions; - Equipment for alignment of the shafts. TKD offers: - Control flexible cables; - Cables for hoisting and conveying; - Cables for data transmission; - Cables for robotics and towed chains; - Servo cables; - Heat-resistant cables; - Cables for fixed installation; - Rubber hose cables. Hi-Lite Aluminium Concrete Support Systems offers: - Formwork; - System bearing aluminum; - Supporting modular aluminum frame; - Rack modular aluminum; - Forms of flying aluminum telescopic; - A system of scaffolding; - Wall panels made of aluminum beams; - Formwork for bridge construction; - Formwork tunnels; - Formwork supports bridge; - Bolts and beams; - Flying form with retractable legs; - Hydraulic auto-lifting system; - Formwork for beam system overlap.