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Municipality of Sabunchu

Baku, Sabunchu district, Ilyas Aslanov street, Sabunchu, 5 AZ1034 *** 1 voted

About Municipality of Sabunchu

Sabunçu is a settlement and raion in Baku, Azerbaijan. It has a population of 222,600. It contains the municipalities of Bakıxanov, Balaxanı, Bilgəh, Kürdəxanı, Maştağa, Nardaran, Pirşağı, Ramanı, Sabunçu, and Zabrat.Sabunchu district was created on 11 November 1920 under the name Balakhani-Sabunchu district, while its name was changed on 12 November 1930 to Lenin district, and the district’s name was changed again on 26 November 1991 to Sabunchu district. The district is comprised of 10 settlements. It has a population of 226.000, and its area is 244.3 sq km. The number of refugees settled in Sabunchu district is 8318 persons, and IDPs is 20.360 persons.

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