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About Miri Grand

«Miri Grand»Co. Ltd has been created in March, 2003. However, for very short time the company has managed to begin one of leaders in Azerbaijan on export natural pomegranate juice which has been not made of a concentrate. It speaks that founders of the company had the richest experience in the field of the "know-how" natural pomegranate juice, have involved for work in the company of highly skilled technologists and managers. Natural pomegranate juice is made by the company on belonging to it Saatli and Aksu canneries, and also on rented Sabirabad cannery.

For the short period, volume of natural pomegranate juice produiced by the company has made 3000000 lt. Except pomegranate juice «Miri Grand»Co.Ltd makes also natural juices: quince, cornelian cherry, feijoa, sea buckthorn, dog rose and blackberry. These juices are made in much smaller volume than pomegranate juice. The volume of manufacture of these juices can be considerably increased at presence of the big wholesale orders.

Miri Grand natural pomegranate juice

Now «Miri Grand»Co. Ltd has opened the branches « Miri Grand »Co.Ltd. in the Russian Federation ( Moscow ) and «Mirage GBR» in Germany (Berlin), has the constant representatives in Saint Petersburg and Kazan of the Russian Federation , opening representation in Ukraine is planned. For acceleration of deliveries of production in various regions of the Russian Federation «Miri Grand»Co.Ltd. has the wholesale warehouse in Makhachkala .

Natural juices made by the company are delivered to Russia , Germany , Belarus , Estonia , Ukraine , UAE. It is possible to count doubtless success of the company export natural pomegranate juice in Islamic republic Iran , which itself is the world's largest exporter of natural pomegranate juice.«Miri Grand»Co. Ltd negotiates with the large wholesale companies of USA , Europe , Turkey , China , Japan and Australia for deliveries of natural juices made by the company.