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Baku, Narimanov district, Ashiq Molla Cumah street, 11 B AZ1072 *** 4 voted

About Medeks

The Company has established 3 directions activity:

  • Establishment of wide profile medical, sanatorium-resort entities and installation of relevant techniques.
  • Establishment of cosmetology and SPA complexes and installation of relevant equipment.
  • Set up and installation of multi-purpose laboratories (food, forensic and clinic).

Activities of Medeks Company

Currently the company has successful cooperation with various producers of medical and cosmetics equipment. Medeks LLC has selected its partners in order to cover all sectors of medical, cosmetics and laboratory production. In a short period of its activity Medeks LLC through successful marketing managed to gain trust of its customers. Customers enjoy prompt and qualified serviced provided by professional purchase and sales managers and engineers at HQ and retail offices. The company pays serious attention to the coaching of its personnel.

Technical and sales personnel regularly upgrade their qualifications in various countries, as well as exchange experience with other experts invited by the company.The company has participated in the establishment of 30 multi-purpose state and commercial enterprisers operating in Baku and different regions of country.

Services of Medeks Company

Service department acting attached to the Medeks LLC services by providing the continuous activity of the centre and carrying out maintenance, repair and periodical inspection of medical, cosmetological and SPA equipment that used by you by means of highly qualified technicians, electronic engineers studied and trained in several countries of the world.Department was provided the office that completely supplied from technical point of view, transportations in order to react operatively to the appeals. From this point of view, the equipment in need of repair can operatively maintain in its place or by bringing to the office and return immediately to its owner.

On another side, Medeks Company can provide you with necessary spare parts, as well as new and modern equipment depending on character of disorder of the equipment. For this purpose, certain departments of Medeks LLC continue the work related to bringing new and modern technologies to the Republic of Azerbaijan and application of them by pursuing regularly the innovations arise in the field of medical, laboratory and SPA.