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Executive power of Imishli district

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About Executive power of Imishli district

Imishli (İmişli) is a rayon of Azerbaijan. Imishli and neighboring Sabirabad rayon share Sarysu, the largest lake in Azerbaijan.In August 1930, Qaradonlu was organized on Mil-Mugan historical fields as a region. During the Tsardom of Russia,Qaradonlu belonged to the Javad Khan administration.In 1906, the first School of Qaradonlu region was established, with many living-buildings, caravanserais, mills and shops in the area. In August 1930, Qaradonlu was organized in Mil-Mugan as a region. As early as the October Revolution, land-reclamation and irrigation work were made based on the intense irrigated plant-growing.

In 1933, Qaradonlu Machine-Tractor Plant was built in the Qaradonlu historical region. As a result of the construction of the railway between Ələt and Yerevan, people moved from the center of the region to suburbs of the railway stations.The population increase produced two-story brick buildings in Qaradonlu and Imishli. The regional capital was moved there and the region became Imishli Rayon. Imishli village also expanded. Government houses were constructed, completely transforming the village's appearance.In 1944, Imishli was awarded status of town-type settlement, progressing to city status in the 1960s. In 1959, on the Aras River in the Bəhramtəpə area, water storage was used - which was unique in that time period.