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İmishli Poultry

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About İmishli Poultry

"İmishli Qushculuq" LLC was founded in 2003 in Imishli, by Heydarov Alif Haydar and as a result of restoration of the old plant was built poultry. The industrial power at the present time - 2000 tonnes of chicken meat, 11 plants for feeding birds, feed mill and departments for the production of eggs. Factories currently provides republic with high-quality chicken and eggs.

Activities of İmishli Poultry

The main objectives of the State Program of development of the country, a local production and supply of poultry. This program includes the creation in some regions of the country's factories produce chicken meat and eggs. The most important condition for the development of poultry production is to create a base caloric feed. Today, in many developed countries agricultural waste produce high quality forage, which is a great need for cattle-breeding and poultry. Application of international standards in our country in accordance with the manufacture of food waste a great impetus to the development of poultry farming.

2008-2015, under the state program "Ensuring public Azerbaijan reliable food" "on one of the main tasks for strengthening the material-technical base of poultry farms, poultry farms, to support farming and cattle breeding, the creation of meeting the requirements of today's competitive poultry farms and support issues .

The factory and its production capacity

İmishli Qushculuq LLC currently produces 2,000 tonnes of chicken meat. The company produces 15 million eggs in a modern building of the production of eggs, an incubator is equipped with, feed for 40 tons of food a day, feed mill and warehouse buildings meet the current standards of veterinary and sanitary rules of hygiene in accordance with the requirements of the world's technology (the Netherlands, Turkey Germany and other European countries), refrigerated, with a reservoir capacity of 600 tons of food storage and food processing plant wastes.

The factory is fully covered; there are electric generators, high voltage transformers, baths were built, renovated office building, paved area. Currently the company employs 178 staff. The production area is equipped with factory machines and equipment meets the standards of modern technology.