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Gym & Fun

Baku, Khazar district, Almaz Ildırım street, 69 AZ1000 *** 3 voted

About Gym & Fun

Gym&Fun game room for children will contribute to the development of kids who may run, jump, do chin-ups and even ‘climb on rock’ here. All this is provided, no doubt, with no harm to kids’ health. Your kid may run in the labyrinth and again with no damages; the walls of the labyrinth are covered with a soft material. For younger kids there is a dry pool, i.e. the pool with soft coloured balls of different size replacing water.

That is not only a pleasant time spending but also the time spending for the benefit of health since dry pool develops motor skills and locomotorium, improves the mood and emotional condition of the kids. Being in this pool is a kind of massage done by the soft balls. Even though kids are left alone for playing they are constantly supervised by the employees of Gym&Fun. One can organize birthdays in two halls here each of which intended for 50 persons. It is possible to unite the halls. The food is ordered from McDonald’s restaurant, which is located on the lower below, and the general menu per person is offered for a quite reasonable price.