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Baku, Sabunchu district, Anashkin street, 2573/2574 AZ1034 *** 2 voted

About Gunesh

“Gunesh” company was founded in May, 2000. The Company has passed long and complicated improvment way from the date of creation till the present days. There have been lot of successes and disappointments. In spite of everything we have achieved our aims; we are improving and believe in our future. We have new goals, and we believe that we will achieve our objectives with the help of qualified and solid staff. We have all ethical, material and technical opportunities for our work. Company received the international certificate of conformance “ISO 9001:2000” in 2007, at present we are trying to get HSE certificate.

Activities of the company Gunesh

We received the experience of work with offshore companies during ten years and we have their references. Company has large technical opportunities, for example production of industrial gas. Company has special car park with cryogenic systems and this fact gives an opportunity to deliver liquid gas and pump it to the tanks of the client. We possess the large park of tanks with different volume and pressure for liquid and gaseous gases. This fact gives an opportunity either to deliver the product in own tanks or lease the tanks to the client. “Gunesh” company possesses the cryiogenic wagons, so we can deliver the product outside the country. Summarizing the above information we would like to notice that our company is one of the most important companies in sphere of industrial gas production and delivery in Azerbaijan. We are looking forward to cooperating with you!


“Gunesh” company possess the plant of production of nitrogen and oxygen by separation of air . There are two liquid nitrogen and oxygen production lines which produce up to 1000 kg of nitrogen and oxygen per hour in compliance with the following standards: Technical and medical gas oxygen - QOST 5583-78 Technical and medical liquid oxygen - QOST 6331-78 Gas and liquid nitrogen - QOST 9293-74 Special railway access to the plant provides direct delivery of tank-wagons to the plant.

Company has 10 items of cryogenic tank-wagons 8Г513 with tankage thirty six tonnes. We also have special cars of the following types with dangerous load transportation permit : “Qaz-3309”, “Qaz-33021”, “Kamaz-5320” with cryogenic tank ЦТК-8/0,25М, “Kraz-250” with cryogenic tank ЦТК-8/0,25М, “Zil 431410” with АГУ2М-1 installation, “Hyundai HD65” with АГУ2М-1 installation. There is a large park of forty and fifty litres tanks with working pressure from one hundred and fifty to three hundred and fifty bars, approximately three thousand items; pallets with capacity of twelve, sixteen and twenty tanks, fifty items; “offshore” and “onshore” monoblock units with capacity of twelve, sixteen, forty