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Ganja Administrative-Economical Court

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About Ganja Administrative-Economical Court

Ganja Administrative-Economical Court hears, within relevant territorial jurisdiction, economic cases arising between legal entities regardless of their management or other affiliation and subordination, and individuals who are engaged in an entrepreneurship activity without establishing a legal person and those who obtain the status of a private entrepreneur as determined by the law, and administrative disputes which arise between persons regardless of their legal status.

Establishment of Ganja Administrative-Economic Court

Ganja Administrative-Economic Court was established under Ganja Local Economic Court in accordance with certain measures on the improvement of the judicial system of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Decree dated 15 July 2010 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the implementation of the law No1043-IIIQD, dated 22 June 2010 of the Republic of Azerbaijan, “on Amendments to the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan “on Courts and Judges” and “on Judicial-Legal Council”. The court began to function on 01 January 2011.The territorial units which fall under the jurisdiction of Ganja Administrative-Economic Court according to the Decree on territorial jurisdiction of the courts of appeal, courts of serious crimes, administrative-economic courts and military courts of the Republic of Azerbaijan issued by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on 09 August 2010 are as follows:

1. Aghdam district
2. Aghstafa district
3. Barda district
4. Dashkesen district
5. Gadabay district
6. Ganja city
7. Goranboy district
8. Göygöl district
9. Khankendi şəhəri
10. Khojali district
11. Kalbajar district
12. Gazakh district
13. Naftalan city
14. Samukh district
15. Shamkir district
16. Tartar district
17. Tovuz district