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Ganca, Kepez district, Uzeyir Hajibeyov street, 87 AZ2000 *** 0 voted

About Elba

"Elba" Limited Liability Company was created in 1999, by Elchin Rustamov. The production of our products is provided in almost all regions and cities. In order to protect the security and constant unique taste of its products Elba LLC are equipped with the latest technology. The company is constantly kept updated with advanced production line equipment from Germany, Austria, Italy and Turkey. In 2007 the company has been awarded with international certificates from ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System) and in 2009 the HACCP (Food Safety Management System). Thanks to the support of entrepreneurship by the state, the company has been continuously developing over the years, and has implemented a number of new projects and created new work places.

The highest levels of the company in the international exhibitions shows awards which were received, companies signed contracts with The The Russian Federation, "Prestige", and the Republic of Kazakhstan "Biday ex" . The main reason for the success of our company is that we have always been open and honest with customers by providing high quality products at reasonable prices. Our main goal is to maintain our achievements and broaden the range of high-quality products in order to protect customers love.