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Ekol Engineering Services

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About Ekol Engineering Services

«Ekol Engineering Services» Closed Joint-Stock Company was established on 1st March 2006 according to the agreement signed between SOCAR (51%) and foreign investor - «Lancer Services S.A» Company (49%). On 17.04.2006 it was registered as a legal entity Closed Joint Stock Company.The main purpose of the company is to carry out environmental protection services by applying modern technologies within and outside of the Republic.These are treatment of industrial waste, fecal waters, oil sludge treatment, overcoming man-made pollution impacts to the environment, ecological monitoring activities for companies, preparing ecological technical documentation and other ecological services.

Laboratory services of Ekol

  • Implementation of complex researching works fully corresponding to International Standards
  • Providing wide range of analytical services for environmental assessment both in onshore and offshore
  • Determination of amount of hard metal and hydrocarbons formed during recultivation and bio-remediation processes.
  • Providing analytical tests, applying modern types of reagents for industrial waste water treatment and oil sludge utilization processes.

Development of Ecological Reference Documents

  • Ecological Passport
  • Draft norms of acceptable air emissions
  • Norms of acceptable effluent discharge into water bodies
  • Water management passport
  • Air emission source inventory

Ecological Monitoring Services

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of economic activities
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA project documents)
  • Environmental management and ecological assessment models
  • Development of long-term sustainable development concept of economic activity
  • Development of environmental monitoring projects within the area of the entitys’ activity
  • Development of waste management and recycling projects
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of landfills
  • Development of rehabilitation project for areas contaminated with waste and degraded as a result of anthropogenic activities
  • Ecological monitoring, assessment of technological processes in entities discharging hazardous pollutants and the development of environmental reconstruction projects
  • Development of regional monitoring project for utilisation of alternative energy sources
  • Development of environmental policy concept