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About Azerplast

The "Azerplast" company is engaged in production and sales of plastic caps provided with "LUK" (ЛЮК) class tube dose meter (GOST No. TS AZ 321 7995-01) complying with Euro standards approved for Guala non- threaded bottles.The production procedures are implemented in a perfectly sterile environment without contact with the staff or polluting elements. Upon assembling 3 components of a cap by the robotic assembly machine, technical cleaning and blowing up to microscopic dust particles take place.

Activities of Azerplast company

In addition to the stated above, the entire production cycle is constantly monitored.The equipment is of the state-of-the-art, the production line is fully computerized and provided with the staff trained in the leading companies of Europe and America and highly experienced in the field of productionOur products are produced on highly-accurate automated and robotic equipment manufactured by the world's leading companies, including a hot runner mold by "GEFIT" company (Italy), a recognized industry leader, injection molding machines by "BMB" company (Italy), as well as Markers by "CER SA" company (France).

For production procedures, our company uses raw materials of European production only: BP polyethylene (UK), Ereclene polypropylene (Italy), color concentrates by A.Schulman company (Germany).- Flexible price policy - The ability to make key decisions in the shortest possible time-Fast response to changes occurring in the current market-Clear organization of the production processThe perfect pricing, as well as the desire to establish long-term mutually beneficial relationship makes us irreplaceable in the market of plastic caps for non-threaded bottles like "Guala".

Plastic caps

Such model of the cap in a plastic case with a sliding tube dose meter is optimally suitable for capping bottles with KPM 30 standard sealing ring, and provides the perfect balance of quality of the closing facility and its price.The caps may be provided in any color or color range through coloring with the use of super concentrates, or decorated and applied with any complex logotypes in order to protect your products against counterfeitingThe raw materials do not contain additives harmful to health and are very suitable for use for food contacting materials, as evidenced by hygiene certificates for raw materials and finished products.