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Azerbaijan Energy Engineering & Consulting

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About Azerbaijan Energy Engineering & Consulting

Azerbaijan Energy Engineering and Consulting LLC (hereinafter, AEEC) is one of the leading provider of engineering and consulting services in the energy sector of Azerbaijan. AEEC applies complex approach by utilizing advanced innovations in engineering and design, and information technologies while implementing scientific research and consulting works. Our purpose is to deliver the best solutions for meeting clients' needs by integrating all our potentials.

Activities of Azerbaijan Energy Engineering and Consulting

AEEC has earned Clients’ credibility and trust during its long operation, and keeps developing its service excellence to maintain this trust. Based on quality in provided services and professional personnel, AEEC guarantees successful implementation of engineering, consulting and energy audit services.While meeting Clients` requirements, AEEC pays special attention to protection of environment, health & safety issues, and has identified this as main commitment in implementation of its services.

Our Core Principles

AEEC adheres to the following principles while implementing services:

  • Service in quality- AEEC puts the Clients’ needs first and by better understanding our clients' needs we deliver the most effective solutions. The company has adequate capacity to reach these targets.
  • Client satisfaction- AEEC takes on its clients' problems as own and offers cost-effective, sustainable, reliable and practical solutions.
  • Proficiency- AEEC relies its professional staff in successful implementation of its services. AEEC is constantly paying special attention to successful implementation of its services by building professional team and gives special value to its employees.
  • Technical capabilities- By accepting the human resourcesas the main asset, AEEC also distinguishes itself with advanced tools and machinery based on state-of-art technologies for implementing its services.