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Baku, Binagadi district, Darnagul settlement, Yusifzada street, 108 AZ1000 *** 0 voted

About Az-Granata

The plant located in Agsu occupies 8.8 ha territory. The main closed area of the plant is 20500 square meters. The closed service area of the plant having 15000 square meters working area is 55000 square meters. The area of 24000 square meters around the plant has been made green. The length of effluent disposal line is 8000 meters. For meeting the plant’s demand for water 6 artesian wells have been put into commission. Every day the plant is supplied with 700-800 tones of water via artesian. Furthermore, there is 1000 ton of water supply and water filter capable of processing 40 tons of water per hour at the plant. There are also 2 pcs. of 2000 kilovolt transformers, 1 pcs. of 1750 kilovolt generator, 800 kilovolt UPS system and 7 km electric line at the plant. Aeration system changing the internal air of the plant 10-15 times per hour has been installed as well. At present 180 persons are working for the plant and their number will increase to 350 persons in the near future. The plant consists of juice and wine workshops, 5-storey administrative building and 3-storey hotel having 13 rooms for guests. Production departments of the plant consist of the divisions for fruit receiving, fruit processing, concentrates preparation, wine making and keeping, wine packaging, alcohol production, aseptic storage, glass filling and packaging, tetra-pak filling and packaging. The plant which is able to produce 12 tons fruit juice and 3 tons of wine per hour, is able to receive 20 tons of fruit per hour. Its annual producing capacity is 50000 tons of fruit or 65 million of conditional packaging. The plant’s fruit receiving workshop is suitable for grape, pomegranate, apple, pear and quince assortments. The following stages such as fruit receiving, washing, sorting, removing needless micro organisms, storing in the aseptic tanks, condensing and filling aseptic tank are implemented at the plant. The plant which is supplied with the equipment from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Bulgaria and France, has also a warehouse for 2 million liters of finished products. Moreover, all analyses concerning the chemical and micro-biological composition of the product, its taste, smell, appearance and suitability for selling were conducted at the plant’s laboratory, and hygienic standards of the products are ensured. There are only 4 packaging lines for 3 fruit juice and 1 wine at the plant supplied with the state-of-theart and modern technologies. For 1lt. 750 ml and 200 ml glass packaging, fruit juice and nectar are pasteurized and filled into the bottles in 1 packaging line. And in the 1 lt and 200 ml Tetrapak line, fruit juice and nectar are pasteurized and filled into the bottles in 1 packaging line. 16 fruit juice is produced at the plant and offered to the consumer in 50 conditional glasses. AZ-GRANATA Company presents fruit juice to the consumers under the name of "Vita 1000" brand. There is a warehouse in outlet located in Baku city storing 2 million liters of finished products. The wine of Red Medium -dry, Red Medium-acid and White Acid types is being produced in the wine line of the plant. The plant provides pomegranate and grape from 700 ha gardens. Besides Rkasiteli and Saperavi technical sorts, table grapes are being grown in the gardens too.. For ensuring the future fruit reserve of the plant it is planned to plant 1000 ha garden.