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About Avita Azerbaijan

Avita Azerbaijan is a Baku - based company. It started to operate being staffed by only 8 people in Baku in 2005, but at present it is a company with a big personnel and represented across the entire country.The company is structured by medical research, international relations, marketing, analytical research and sales departments.Avita is one of the go-go companies.Avita Azerbaijan is very careful in selection of medicines: the experts' opinion and quality of the production process are the most important criteria.In addition, the foreign partners are actively involved in raising of the professional level of Avita team. Frequent visits and meetings assist them to learn more about Azerbaijan as well as contribute to the transformation of business relations in friendship.Avitais an active participant of scientific and technical conferences and other events conducted in Azerbaijan.Avita is a group of companies dealing with pharmaceutics in several countries.

Key activities of Avita- Group of Companies

  • Identification, registration and importation of the medical products that can meet local demand in medications-importing countries;
  • Continuous dissemination of information on the medical products identified to the doctors and the general public;
  • Promotion of medical products to local whosale and retail trade networks.

The objective of Avita- Group of Companies is to be useful for securing healthy life of people.The key slogan that consolidates Avitastaff is "For the sake of healthy life".

Our partners

Avita sees its partners as long-term cooperation-related counterparts and pays specific attention to protection of the partners' interest in the countries the company is operating in.Our partners operate in line with all Europe and US-accepted standards (GMP, GCP, GHP)Avitafeels pride in cooperation with the actual partners, the company also strives to establish relations with new ones.Avitaassists partners in all pre-sale cycles of medical products marketing, namely:

  • market analysis of the promising medical products segment;
  • registration of the medical products identified;
  • importation of medicals to the country, distribution of medical products for wholesale and retail trade
  • active promotion of the medical products by skilled and committed team.