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Avaz Dining & Lounge

Baku, Yasamal district, Moskva prospect, 1058/32 AZ1033 *** 1 voted

About Avaz Dining & Lounge

Cuisine has always been special for Azerbaijanis. The banquet tables sagged from the plethora of dishes during family assemblies. A family’s hospitality was evaluated based on the diversity and taste of food offered to the guests. The recipes of the national dishes were stored sacredly in each family and passed from generation to generation.As true patriots, we inscribed your favorite home cuisine into a contemporary interior. The majority of culinary experts regard the Azerbaijani cuisine as rich and diverse, however served somewhat faintly. While developing our project, we made special considerations to alleviate this perception and ultimately we thrived. Stylized serving of national dishes in chic porcelain proved to be successful.

Services of the restaurant

Our restaurant offers an extensive menu that is not overloaded. Our customers enjoy the special offers from the Chef that are renewed weekly. The area of the restaurant is divided into two sectors – the restaurant and the lounge. The restaurant designed for 60 visitors offers exclusive live performances on weekends and is an ideal venue for family dinners and banquets. The lounge area offers elite privacy in separate chalets equipped with hookahs.