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Association for Civil Society Development in Azerbaijan

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About Association for Civil Society Development in Azerbaijan

The main goal of creating the Association is to contribute to the development of civil society in Azerbaijan by uniting and coordinating the activity of nongovernmental organizations, entering the Association as well as the other representatives of the third sector. So, NGOs which are the members of the Association, aim at attracting the public attention, providing maximal transparency of the processes, taking place in various spheres. In most cases, the effort of one NGO is not sufficient to reach the goal. One of the goals of the Association is to reveal the problems existing in different fields, to bring them to the attention of the mass and realize complex measures on their solution via the coordination of efforts of all NGOs, entering the Association.

Key activities of the Association

  • organization of constructive joint activity with public organizations, central and local executive organs;
  • active participation in the creation of normative-legal basis, necessary for the formation of civil society;
  • organization of mutually beneficial cooperation between independent mass media and NGOs;
  • attraction of private sector to the solution of socio-humanitarian problems;
  • legal, organizational and information support to the functioning and new NGOs;
  • formation of the system of preparing skilled workers engaged in the third sector;
  • protection of the rights of NGO employees.

Activity priorities of the Association

  • Protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens;
  • Creation of social partnership for combating corruption;
  • Support of the social and public development of the regions and local authorities;
  • Improvement of the penitentiary system;
  • Assistance in resolving the problems of migrants, refugees and internally displaced persons;
  • Environmental enlightenment