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Araz Plant

Gulbala Shixbala oghlu street, Shirvan AZ1000 *** 0 voted

About Araz Plant

1980: Started operation as “Long Range Communication” (Telecommunication) branch of Leningrad Research Production Association “Long-Range Communication” of the Ex.USSR Ministry of Industrial Communication Facilities.1991: setting up on the base of the Ali-Bairamly branch of “Araz” plant which later started operation within the structure of Baku RPA “Ulduz”.1993: Subordination of RPA “Ulduz” to the State Committee for Special Engineering & Conversion of Azerbaijan Republic.1995: Direct subordination of “Araz” plant to the Committee.Since September 2006 “Araz” plant is operating within the system of the Ministry of Defence Industry of the Azerbaijan Republic.

  • development, production & up-grading of special products
  • manufacture of communication facilities
  • manufacture of consumer goods

Products of Araz Plant ara special products(In compliance with the approved State Programme) and commercial products

Commercial products

  • park benches
  • decorative park lamps
  • street lamp poles (L= 8.5 m, 2.4 m)
  • metal constructions
  • traffic lights
  • litter bins
  • rollers
  • squares, etc.

Production facilities of Araz Plant

  • machining of metals
  • cold forming of metals
  • injection molding of plastics
  • electrical welding
  • gas welding
  • woodworking manufacture of furniture