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About AquaLink

AquaLink the company started its activity in the field of water purity and water. German chemical products company specializing in istehasalı "Link Chemie AG" company carries out the representation. "Link Chemie AG," the chemical industry, including dezinfektantları drinking water, boiler chemical additives, surface cleaning dezinfektantları and CIP 35-year experience in the field of enterprise in Germany. Patentləsdirilib and the use of many products produced by the company and production rights reserved. As a result of scientific studies and tests have been many revolutionary discoveries. At present, the company AquaLink Germany "Link Chemie AG" company, products, sales and after-sales services in the market. In addition, special-purpose equipment imported from Germany and the installation of water təmizliyində used, the projection is carried out. AquaLink Azerbaijan, Turkey's "AquaLink Chemicals Ltd.," the official representation of the exercise. Turkey and Turkey's leading companies with a large market share in water clarity, water development, design, and provides services in the field of disinfection. References can be familiar with some of the companies in which we cooperate.