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AB Qala

Mir-Mustafakhan street, Lankaran, 22 AZ4200 *** 1 voted

About AB Qala

The AB Qala Hotel is located in the most prominent city of the Southern subtropical area of Azerbaijan. The Hotel accommodates 56 rooms, including single and double rooms as well as Luxury suites. The Hotel`s design and rooms' decoration correspond the concept of it's creation: "city comfort amidst the virgin nature". Multichannel cable television, air conditioner, mini-bar and other equipment is a standard room set-up in AB Qala.

The Hotel distinguishes itself not only for the modern design, but also for high-quality service. The Hotel's infrastructure and services meet European standards and make it comfortable for our guests at any season. AB Qala is situated in the city center, nevertheless, only a couple of minutes separates it from the sea shore, picturesque lake, mountain rivers or rich forests all depends on the chosen direction.

Accomodation and rates in AB Qala Hotel

Otağın növü Qiymət
Single Type- I  50.00 AZN
Single Type- II  35.00 AZN
Double Type- I  70.00 AZN
Double Type- II 50.00 AZN
Double E/B Type- I    85.00 AZN
Double E/B Type- II  75.00 AZN
Twin Type- I  80.00 AZN
Twin Type- II  60.00 AZN
Triple  90.00 AZN
S.Suite Type-I+  150.00 AZN
S.Suite Type- I    130.00 AZN
S.Suite Type- II               110.00 AZN
Ex. Suite  250.00 AZN 


AB Qala Hotel Services

  • Taxi
  • Tour guide
  • Translation srevices
  • Bank services
  • Post services
  • Closed pool, bar
  • Gym
  • Sauna
  • Laundry

The Hotel offers excursions at any season to magnificent landscapes, deep forests, mountains, springs and other sights. The Hotel also organizes week-end departures to nature for fans of hunting and fishing.

Restaurant and Bar

"AB Qala" Restaurant with its personnel can simultaneously serve 120 people. The restaurant has the refined colors of foreign, national, and especially Lankaran cuisines. We welcome you to see a professional skill of barman, high-quality and fragrance of drinks, visit "AB Qala" bar. You can have a rest in bar, a cup of tea or other drink under accompaniment of piano music, and spend free time in a billiard hall.

Banqueting and conference facilities

The doors of the Hotel are open not only for tourists, but also for businessmen. The conference hall is given to their services which are designed for 55 people and it is equipped with the modern technical equipment (fax, printer, computer, Internet) for carrying out the seminars, 24-hour service, bank services, mail, organization of excursions, taxi service. In the Hotel there also functions the laundry which is equipped with the modern equipment.