BakuTel 2015

BakuTel 2015

Baku Expo Center

Start date: 02 December End date: 05 December

21st Azerbaijan International Exhibition and Conference Telecommunications and Information Technologies.

The BakuTel exhibition brings international ICT companies, government and media together under the same roof. Covering many vertical industries, including logistics, tourism, education, healthcare BakuTel is the right platform to maximize profitability, reduce costs and manage risk. Every year, the exhibition attracts the main players, experts and industry professionals as it offers a platform for presenting the achievements of the telecommunications and information technologies sector. It also showcases innovative ideas and projects and acts as a venue to hold discussions and establish valuable business relations.

Advantages of participation

  • The largest telecommunications exhibition in the Caspian basin and the Caucasus
  • Opportunity to promote services and products to the specialists, professionals and visitors of the exhibition
  • Opportunity to meet qualified and motivated potential partners and buyers at one place
  • Indispensable platform to receive significant information about new services and products on the market
  • Exchange of ideas and experience between international and local professionals of the sphere of ICT at business forums, specialized events and seminars in the frame of exhibition
  • Opportunity to participate at the professional and social side events of the exhibition

Exhibition sections

  • Communication & Networks
  • Devices & Accessories
  • Digital Business Solutions
  • ECM & Input/Output Solutions
  • ERP & Data Analysis
  • IT Infrastructure & Data Centers
  • IT Services
  • Research & Innovation
  • Security
  • Web & Mobile

Why Exhibit?

Exhibitions occupy a special place in the marketing and communications strategy of any company. There is no other means of communication which can be tailored so individually and nowhere else is it possible to enjoy such direct contact with customers, bringing into play all the five senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell) to make them aware of their need for information or, in some cases, to satisfy an existing need for such information.

An industrial specialized exhibition is a meeting place for a whole branch of industry and the opportunities it offers are almost limitless. A strategic factor in any successful business is getting close to the customer and this is crucial in both international and domestic markets. Another advantage of taking part in an exhibition is that it affords an opportunity to maintain contacts with existing clients. Research into exhibitions proves that "exhibiting goods at a trade fair influences purchasing decisions six times more than any other method and people remember exhibitions longer than adverts". Statistics prove that 57 percent of buyers purchase goods and services at exhibitions and 90 percent of visitors use the information they obtain at exhibitions when making decisions as to which goods or services to buy.

Among the advantages of taking part in an exhibition is that a company attracts attention to its goods - and not just the attention of the specific group of people visiting the exhibition, but also of the media and of state structures. It also offers them quantitatively and qualitatively excellent contacts with the targeted group at a relatively low cost.

Exhibitions afford the most direct form of sales: one-to-one contact with potential clients and suppliers. The cost of conducting business through exhibitions is almost half that (45 percent) of using more traditional direct sales methods. Given the estimated cost of one visitor, the costs of exhibiting are considerably lower than those of any other form of advertising.

 To sum up, exhibitions offer participants many advantages, including:

  • The cost of contact with one representative of a company’s target audience at an exhibition or trade fair is markedly cheaper than any other means of advertising.
  • The unique "extra-territorial" nature of an exhibition makes it much easier to establish contacts; in this environment you, your potential customers and your competitors are all on neutral territory.
  • An exhibition is the ideal place to learn about demand for new goods and to conduct research into what your competitors are doing.
  • An exhibition is an effective means of helping a firm to penetrate new foreign markets or establish dealership networks.
  • An exhibition allows you to show your new goods in action.
  • The fact that media representatives attend exhibitions makes it a lot easier to work with them and helps with the creation of PR material.
  • Taking part in an exhibition allows you access to a fairly substantial segment of the market in a short time.
  • For any business an exhibition is a bridge linking customers, wholesale and retail trading companies, suppliers and manufacturers and it offers a competitive environment for making new contacts.
  • The very best intellectual and material resources available for you to take advantage of are concentrated in and around an exhibition for the short period of its duration.

Visitors Profile

  • General managers and directors
  • IT managers
  • Technical managers
  • System administrators
  • Web-designers
  • Designers
  • Operators
  • Telecom managers
  • Safety appliances engineers
  • Purchase managers
  • Office managers
  • Representatives of governmental structures and embassies
  • Chief accountants
  • Chiefs of institutes
  • Universities and other educational institutions
  • Representatives of TV and Broadcasting
  • Advertisement
  • Polygraphy companies
  • Representatives of banks
  • Technical departments of concert and sport complexes
  • Press
  • Diplomatic Corps