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Zepter International Azerbaijan

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About Zepter International Azerbaijan

Zepter International is a multi-branded multinational company that produces, sells and distributes exclusive, high-quality consumer goods around the world, principally through its own sales network as well as through high-end stores.Together with the Zepter Finance Holding AG, a financial, banking and insurance company, it forms part of the Zepter Group.Since its inception, Zepter International has established very high quality standards and has become an essential part of the lives of millions of people throughout the world.A new presentation of Zepter products starts every 10 seconds somewhere in the world, as Zepter is present on 5 continents in more than 60 countries.

Activities of Zepter International

Zepter International owns 7 factories in Switzerland, Germany and Italy and over 320,000 m² of business space in the world’s top locations.The past 25 years have been very successful as over 80,000.000 people have become satisfied users of Zepter products.Zepter’s vision, superior quality, innovative products and unique sales system with over 100,000 employees and consultants worldwide contribute to Zepter’s success. Zepter take pride in its superbly trained, highly motivated and inspired sales managers and consultants, on a global mission of health and beauty.

Our mission

Zepter Group’s health mission is spreading over the five continents. Year after year it enhances the quality of the lives of millions of people around the world. This global life-protection campaign is uniquely comprehensive and involves permanent education and employment for new generations of specialist managers, production and distribution of superior restorative products, as well as the analyses and planning and distribution of diverse financing and insurance services.

The noble mission originated with a brilliant idea of Mr. Philip Zepter that has always inspired the employees of Zepter International around the world to apply themselves to protecting their health and the health of their loved ones over the long term, to making the people around them happier, constantly broadening their knowledge of business and raising their standards. Millions of people have become healthier and happier by using Zepter products and services in their daily lives, and hundreds of thousands have achieved their business and personal ambitions by following the unique Zepter System of success.