Executive power of Yardimli district on map

Executive power of Yardimli district

Heydar Aliyev prospect, Yardimli, 78 AZ6500 *** 1 voted

About Executive power of Yardimli district

Yardımlı is a city in and the capital of the Yardymli Rayon of Azerbaijan. It is located about 286 km to the south from Baku and 76 km to the south-west from Masallı.According to “Caucasian calendar” of 1915, 145 people, mainly the Azerbaijanis shown in the calendar as Tatars, lived in Yardimli village of Lankaran Uyezd of Baku Governorate.According to a census of 1979, 3114 people and according to a census of 1989, 3438 people lived in Yardimli. According to a census of 2010, the city’s population consists of 6700 people.During the Soviet times it had a status of township. At those times, a carpet-weaving factory, which doesn’t work at present, functioned in Yardimli. There is a museum, mosque and military memorial in the city.

The rayon borders upon Iran (length of the state border in the south and west is equal to 96 km) and Lerik Rayon (40 km), Masally Rayon (11 km), Jalilabad Rayon (20 km) of Azerbaijan. The Vilesh River is the longest and full-flowing river of the rayon. Its length is equal to 11 km. Talysh Mountains (Shahnishin Mountain equal to 2,490 metres (8,170 ft) is its highest summit), mountains of Peshtasar Mountain ridge (its highest summit is 2,244 metres (7,362 ft)) and mountains of Burovar Mountain ridge occupy the territory of the rayon