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About XTruck

X-truck was established in 2004 with the name FEBROMED, they have invited experts, from the Turkey worked with them, and during the activity from their experience benefited. The aim of the company has a long history as a lot of other foreign companies to produce quality products and to satisfy the customer to the to the maximum extent. We as company to produce high quality goods due to the constantly experiments with new, modern methods are used At first, only the body makes use of technology and experience, and now, after 7 years of experience in Germany, Korea, specializing in the experience of such countries as Russia body using a very high quality, designed in a way not in accordance with the standards body loads and sustainable produce.

About products XTruck 

Since 2009, the company called Fibrocool (stand by unit) started production refrigerators. It is the function of the operation with electric refrigerators after istallation to the kuza’s. Turkish and Korean specialists experience as well as a result of the innovations introduced by the company’s specialists Fibrocool analogues superior to technical specifications was superior to a brand. The X-TRUCK has been offical distributor the Korean Thermal Master and Turkey Kardelen marks. Maintenance and supply of spare parts for product’s sold is part of our work.