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About Xazar Travel & Tours

Khazar Travel is one of the most sophisticated and successful companies, engaged in Travel and Tourism activities.The company has been actively working in Azerbaijani market since 1999.Throughout the history of operations the company has established a long history of successful operations with many esteemed governmental and private organizations. Among the clients of «Khazar Travel» are such organizations as State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan Republic, Ministry of Education and many other establishments.

Actiovity of Khazar Travel

Khazar Travel is an accredited agency of IATA.From September 2013 «Khazar Travel» is a proud member of the family Lufthansa City Center. Partnership with such organization is a showpiece of the high standard of quality service rendered by «Khazar Travel Lufthansa City Center».
International Network Lufthansa City Center is the world's largest network of travel agencies. As a global company franchise Lufthansa City Center combines flexibility and competence of economically independent businesses under the brand name Lufthansa.

With its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main in Germany, Lufthansa City Center combines all over the world more than 570 offices in 70 countries. Since entering the market in 1991 Lufthansa City Center is one of the most active travel agency networks that are developing in the world. A major factor for success, especially today, for a network of Lufthansa City Center is a strong franchise concept that meets the needs of society in a constantly changing environment of globalization and market concentration.

Global supply network of City Center has more than 3.5 billion EUR. We offer services for both individual travelers as well as corporate and business customers around the world. This demonstrates the commitment to quality and high level of service under a single bran. Capabilities and experience of each of the Lufthansa City Center offices around the world make us a strong partner on your side. We are proud to be able to understand more than just the language of our customers, we also take into account the culture, habits, regional and national economic characteristics and neds of our customers.Competence of our specialists in the organization of travel and the provision of services to the same standards of service, asked in all offices - part of the policy of Lufthansa City Center.