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Khachmaz District Court

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About Khachmaz District Court

Khachmaz District Court hears cases related to civil, criminal, administrative offenses and other cases within the territory of Khachmaz district as a court of first instance.Khachmaz District Court was established in 1965 and functioned under the name Khachmaz District People’s Court. Khachmaz District People’s Court was later called Khachmaz District Court.Khachmaz district was created in 1930. It was abolished in 1963 and its territory was given to Guba and Gusar districts. It was restored again in 1965 as an administrative district.The area of Khachmaz district is 1063 km, and it has a population of 163200. There are 502 internally displaced persons settled in the territory of the district.
Khachmaz district shares borders with Russian Federation in the north, Gusar district in the north west, Shabran district in the south, and Guba district in the south west.