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About World Hope International Azerbaijan

Hope International is a Christ-centered microfinance organization that offers micro-loans and savings programs to poor individuals of all faiths in third world countries. The organization has assisted over 400,000 entrepreneurs since it began operations in 1997 and approximately 82% of those clients are women.Hope is a non profit organization based in Lancaster, PA.World Hope International exists for "the least of these". We work in 15 of the poorest countries in the world, helping all people, regardless of ethnicity, gender, race or religion. We serve the poorest of the poor, those crippled by a lack of opportunity. We put children first, because we believe that when you empower the youngest generation, you invest in future leaders. Leaders who will ensure their children grow up in a world with opportunity, dignity and hope.

Mission of World Hope International

At WHI, we take a holistic approach to tackling poverty. We partner with local communities to determine the most sustainable, grassroots solutions to injustice and oppression, with the ultimate goal of transferring ownership of all development initiatives to the community. Through these partnerships, we are committed to reflecting Christ's compassion for all who suffer by providing:

  • Clean water for those who thirst
  • Opportunity for entrepreneurs
  • Education to those without
  • Freedom to survivors of slavery
  • Food security for the hungry
  • Emergency aid to those in need
  • Health support for the sick and vulnerable

The needs present in today's world are complex and deeply interconnected. Our program areas complement one another and act as a comprehensive response to poverty. Students who are drinking clean water stay in school longer. Further education leads to better job opportunities. Stable families are less vulnerable to traffickers’ lies. Children who are free from slavery grow up with opportunity, dignity and hope. Those with access to clean water live healthier, more productive lives. The upward cycle continues.