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About Windstop Glass Systems

Windstop Cam Balkon – dynamically developing company that became a pioneer in moving this modern technology of 21st century into Azeri market and introduced this glazing system in Baku back in 2007.

Windstop Cam Balkon Mission

Windstop , a company with highly professional team understanding the client's requirements, managed on a lovel of international standards, ensuring timely delivery, offering the creative property owners and corporate clients looking to increase the value of their dwelling and workplace, installs the opening systems and high-quality glass products.

From old times it was customary in Baku to enclose the balconies, verandas for practical reasons. The glazed shushebends of architectural buildings are the best examples. Nowadays, as a result of technical revolution this systems has bacome more sophisticated and aestetic. The new glazing system allows to open it completely, and aestetics of this system offer the possibility not to spoil the facade and perfectly blends with any architecture, whether it is an old mansion or ultramodern structure. Thru learning all technical parameters of German, Finnish and Turkish manufacturers of Cam Balkon system (frameless glazing), comparing their advantages and shortcomings, Windstop Cam Balkon specialists have found the best option of products acceptable by price and by quality.

Various systems of sliding roofs

  • ROLLING ROOF, which consists of aluminum panels moving around its axis by the type of blinds and gradually shifts to one side for the full opening;
  • CAM TAVAN systems, which are very effective solutions for glazing of sliding roofs as well as tents and membranes.

Would like to draw you attention to the fact that you should establish your relationship with such company that offers the most reliable system and, if necessary will prompt the efficient service, because in spite of appearing simplicity of frameless glazing system and other opening systems, this mechanism is not fixed and its life starts right the installation. We offer manufacturer's guarantees for all systems.Samples of all these systems can be seen while visiting our showroom in AF Center, located opposite to the Teze Bazaar (Central Marketplace). Our stands can be found easily; we are immediately at the main entrance. All systems can be installed in Baku as well as various regions of Azerbaijan by our highly qualified specialists who undergone multi-stage training abroad.

Windstop Cam Balkon company has introduced new types of products to our consumer market having a large advertising campaign on TV, on the Internet and in various publications. Windstop Cam Balkon is an active participant of the construction exhibitions in Baku. Now majority of consumers knows the wide range of products offered by us, and it will be our pleasure to explain you about the advantages of our systems.