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About Wet

Applying to the company "WET", you can find answers to all questions about water treatment in villas and apartments: - which undesirable consequences, harmful to the health of your and your family can lead the water contamination; - what problems are in engineering services when the water is contaminated in your home; - which filtration system and water treatment is recommended by the company; - How best to choose the right filter for water purification. Products "WET" was designed for water production facilities, which include various types of industrial enterprises, housing facilities, motels and hostels, water, steam and hot water boilers and other, and water purification. Qualified employees of the company provide customers with full information about the ways and methods of water treatment, covering the full range of modern water treatment and water treatment technologies, ranging from classic clarification processes, fine filtration, sodium cation exchange, adsorption, contact coagulation, and ending by the system of chemical desalination and reverse osmosis, in mixed, compact equipment and chemical treatment of water ozonation. In addition, it will help you with the right choice of filters and other equipment needed for water purification.