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About Welfar


Welfar was founded in 1995 by establishment of wholesale pharmaceutical company “Odlar Yurdu-95”. Quick development of pharmaceutical sector and demand on medical preparations increasing year by year caused to fast development of the company “Odlar Yurdu-95” and “Spesfarma” and “Unalfarm” pharmaceutical marketing companies were founded on the basis of above-mentioned company in 2001. These companies are the first pharmaceutical marketing companies in the pharmaceutical markets in Azerbaijan. As some times later Azerbaijan pharmaceutical markets became little for quick development and wide pharmaceutical activities, a need for conquering of new markets occured and the company widened and stimulated the establishment of affiliate pharmaceutical companies in some countries of the world.


Activities of the company Welfar


In 2009, all company’s branches functioning in the other countries of the world combined and established a unique “Welfar” company and an international company whose head office is located in Turkey. “Welfar” pharmaceutical company that has put as the principal task to supply world pharmaceutical market with high qualitative medicinal preparations and increase life quality of people “Welfar”, from the date of its foundation, has always taken successful steps in this direction and has reached to the present perfect level. Not limiting its activities only by sale-marketing process, the company “Welfar” has started production of some new medical molecules from 2010.


At the present the company does all its best in order to achieve its objects in the direction of enriching the world market and the market of Azerbaijan by the newest medical molecules. Establishment of wide network of activities and moving always forward to globalization was put as a task by the company Welfar, provides the citizens of the world with medicinal preparations and information about medical preparations in the right place and time where it is necessary. Relying on 17 years of rich history and experience and fast development, we promise you healthy and highly qualitative life.


Our strategy


The company “Welfar” has three principal strategies:


  • Guarantee on product and service quality;
  • Training and development of highly professional staff;
  • Formation of great, transnational “Welfar”


The company “Welfar” is relied on the following potential base for implementation of above-mentioned strategies:


  • Staff potential;
  • Rich history and experience;
  • Financial-material reserves;