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About VM Company

VM company has been successfully operating since 2002. Our specialists have broad experience in cooperating with companies of various patterns of ownership and can solve questions on archiving services: scanning, binding (binding works) and folder compiling.You will not find standard approach in our company. For us each order is custom-made and requires tailored solution. On providing archive services we start studying your wishes, characteristic features, special conditions and offer the optimal solution to you.We refer very responsibly to each order because we understand that documentation is one of the main factors of effective activity.


VM company offers its customers professional and quality conversion of paper archives into digital format. Scanning object is any printed document with text and graphic data.Scanning of documents is carried out by stream-line high-performance scanners, powerful workstations and special software.Scanned text may be saved in PDF, BMP, TIFF, JPEG formats. The choice depends on further purpose of the document’s use. During the scanning process the program considerably improves the image quality, reduces defects, background, perforation marks, adjusts contrast and brightness, numbers the pages. The most blurred printed record is displayed in maximum quality in digital format. Text documents can be saved both as image and as text.

Types of stream-line scanning of documents:

  • Scanning of huge volumes of documents,
  • Scanning of drawings and schemes,
  • Scanning of photos and images,
  • Colour and black-and-white scanning,
  • Scanning up to 600 dpi.
  • Scanning of documents from A1 to A5 format,
  • Scanning of up to three meters length documents

Advantages of saving documents in digital archive:

  • Opportunity to cut costs,
  • Storage of documents out of office,
  • Ability to systemize the whole volume of documents,
  • Efficiency of access and transfer of documents,
  • Delimitation of access for employees to certain documents and whole catalogues,
  • Simultaneous work with the same document by several employees at the same time,
  • Ability to store documents on virtual server for remote work,
  • Protection from data loss
  • Reliability and durability


VM company carries out quick and quality binding of any type of document as well as non-standard binding.Rendering our services we apply technology of rigid binding that guaranties possibility to perform effective work with documentation.With us you will be able to shape your documents in a simple but very comfortable form both for everyday use and for storage.

Benefits of documents binding:

  • Trustworthy appearance,
  • Protection from mechanical damages and time effect
  • Protection from document loss,
  • Unified appearance of folders and backs,
  • The area occupied by documents is reduces to 30-40%.

Compiling of folders

Archive folder is used for storing of business documentation. It is made of dense paperboard and is intended for A4 format documents. The folders are glued over with different materials of plain or colour paper, paper vinyl or calico.