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About Vitek Company

"VITEK COMPANY" Construction Company was founded in 2001. Repair works, construction and design are main activities of the company. Since the beginning of formation up to present day, the company has a great number of repair, design works in different spheres, so, by completing each work with a great success, it passes works to their owners with the sense of deep satisfaction. Wide experience, newest technologies and professional personnel enable us to complete orders effectively and with warranty. During the whole period of our activity, our achievements were highly appreciated by firmly established companies. It will be very comfortable for you to work with us, because we provide individual approach and high level of service for each customer. • Individuality of project, • Individual development of project for each customer, • Individual schedule of payments, • Special discounts. Construction and finishing works of any difficulties Repair of any place, be it a flat, office, public institution or market place usually causes difficulties, as it’s a responsible, laborious and quite exhausting work. Obviously, such a process fraught with certain financial, temporary and power inputs that a layman would hardly manage to calculate them primordially. Services of company: Installation of laser systems Installation of self-closing doors Installation of tollgates and barriers Installation of glass balconies Design of residential houses, cottages, country houses Turn-key repair of residential houses, cottages, objects and country houses Architectural services Front-end works Repair-construction works Polycarbonate mounting Metal ware Mounting of metal frameworks Panelling What do we offer to our customers today Originality of our offer is that united family of "VITEK COMPANY" companies provides a full range of services in the sphere of repair and construction. And it doesn’t matter which buildings are in question: flats, shops, offices, restaurants and other premises. Specialists’ activities start from the stage of design works, and if required, a legal problem related to rearrangement of premises is solved. Full coordination of project, that enables customers not to waste time for searching individual professionals, is maintained. Works at all stages are coordinated with each other by their certain executors. The staff includes professionals in the sphere of design, who would develop any project on finishing and decoration of interior. At last customers will get interior, divergent from standard analogues with its functionality, exclusiveness and usability.