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Baku, Yasamal district, Hagverdiyev street, 577 AZ1141 *** 1 voted

About Vita Farma TN

Established in 2009, “Vita Farma TN” LLC is one of the leading companies operating in the health care sector of Azerbaijan. “Vita Farma TN” LLC organizes the important of high quality medical technology, equipment and disposable products to Azerbaijan. Moreover, fully supply newly opened hospitals or clinics with relevant equipment. Alongside with medical technology and products medicines are intended to be imported to Azerbaijan by our company. We suggest the best price for our service to make it accessible to the people of Azerbaijan.

Main activities of Vita Farma TN

Our aim is to supply hospitals and clinics in Azerbaijan so that they could provide the best medical service to the people. As the most important thing in the health care sector is quality, we do our best to keep this quality. Our aim is to import the very quality medical technology to Azerbaijan. Furthermore, “Vita Farma TN” LLC holds constant researches and market survey for broader application of quality medical technology in the country. We have taken the responsibility of taking care of your health with are able and skillful personnel. That is the reason “Vita Farma TN” LLC company cooperates only with the best medical equipment, device and product producers. Health is the most precious thing we have is our health. So, you should rely on professionals for taking care of your health. “Vita Farma TN” LLC fully comprehends this responsibility and plays an important role for healthy future of our next generations.