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About Veyseloglu

COMPANY "VEYSƏLOĞLU" In the early years of the Azerbaijan’s independence, as a result of attention paid to the non-oil sector, along with the oil industry, as well as sound and deliberate policy aimed at the development of the private sector, promotion of entrepreneurship played an important role in the reconstruction of the country’s economy. OUR BRIEF HISTORY Establishment of the private sector made positive contribution to the country’s economy in the period of social and economic development with favourable business conditions. Starting its operations as wholesale supplier since 1994, Veyseloglu Trade and Distribution Company was engaged in the import of food products from the Republic of Turkey in the early years of establishment. Correct targets, right choices, right decisions and joint work have been leading this Company from success to success. The friendly collective and responsible approach has facilitated hitting the targets. Growing from year to year, Veyseloglu Trade and Distribution Company within a short time period evolved into modern Trade Group with highest level of service, through establishing extensive trade network equipped with modern technologies meeting the standards. The Company owns central warehouse located in Baku, as well Salyan Branch which is covering South region and Mingechaur Branch which is covering West region. Despite that those branches are located far from the centre, both of them have been equipped with the latest technological tools in accordance with the latest requirements. There is also special private railway belonging to the Company. OUR OBJECTIVES We bend every effort to serve all points of sale available on the Azerbaijani market with highest quality sales service and gain respect of our clients through the use of the latest and most sophisticated tools. We are working at the level of distribution within the terms of co-operation with foreign manufacturing factories. Availability of modern storage infrastructure and distribution of more than 115 leading manufacturers of the world regularly contributes to the development of our Company. Main objective of the Company is to serve all points of sale available on the Azerbaijan market with highest quality sales service and gain respect of our clients through the use of the latest and most sophisticated tools. As a result, over the last year number of employees involved in our Company has grown rapidly following the increase of demand in our products.That is the reason, why approximately 80 % of our Company’s employees are young persons. It is very pleasing that many officers of the Company were once starting their work there at junior positions. This is the indicator of internal discipline, motivation, fairness and diligence, which together are a factor causing strong influence on forming and development of the properly organised sales team. Our Company is carrying out import of products of all the companies by using latest technologies and equipment. OUR CONTRIBUTION Through collaboration with foreign producers at the level of distribution, Veyseloglu Trade and Distribution Company has organized sales of products of the partner companies first in Baku, after some time in all regions of Azerbaijan. Besides the head office, two branches and 9 regional offices, the Company has also a special railroad. Currently, Company is cooperating with the food industries of the world’s largest countries as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Denmark, Portuqaliya, Italy, Vietnam and others. Currently, Company is collaborating with 116 factories in 23 countries worldwide. Generally, Veyseloglu Group attaches great importance to raising staff members’ knowledge, skills and competency level. To achieve this, the Company regularly organizes courses, seminars, trainings, and undertakes variety of activities both inside and outside the country. In order to improve quality of service rendered to its customers and maintain its growing influence and power among its buyers, Veyseloglu Trade and Distribution Company utilizes modern technologies meeting the highest standards. Our Company is carrying out import of products of all the companies by using latest technologies and equipment. . PRODUCTION The launch of the chocolate factory “Ulduz” in 2001 gave a strong impetus to development of the industry of confectionery and food products in the economy of our country. It has brought a new quality and a new taste in the domestic production of confectionery and food products. The products of the factory, which started offering the chocolates “Ulduz” in various assortments to the local market, shortly became favourite by consumers.. An equipment meeting up-to-date standards is presently installed at the factory, which always offers high-quality products to its consumers. The conditions created at our enterprise and the continued upgrade of production equipment has made the ULDUZ factory as one of the advanced enterprises of the food industry. Given the company’s management prioritizes quality matters, the know-how of famous chocolate manufacturers were studied in Germany, Belgium, Italy and a number of other advanced European countries, and a new state-of-art equipment has been installed at the factory. Due to putting fully automated up-to-date equipment into operation, production volumes have increased and modern working environment have been created at the factory, allowing to compete with the most leading enterprises around the world. OUR MISSION Our Company is on the way of ongoing development together with its personnel consisting of the professional sales team, experienced marketing experts and also competent and experienced specialists, who received their education in local and foreign universities. In order to maintain quality of sales and service provided to the customers, as well as organize high-level interaction between our employees and clients online data exchange is carried out via handheld terminals. Received orders are delivered to customers as quickly as possible. Our mission is to provide highest level sales service to all points of sale available in the Azerbaijani market. Since its inception, Veyseloglu Group of Companies have taken bold steps on this successful and benevolent road, will further go towards its goals and make its substantial contribution to the economy of Azerbaijan. Yet, there are so many roads to be crossed and so many things to be done. After all, Veyseloglu is not only today’s, but also tomorrow’s evolving company.