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Baku, Yasamal district, Hasanbay Zardabi street, 53A AZ1000 *** 3 voted

About Unidez Center

Since 2011,Unidez Center has treated thousands of residential and commercial with pest control problems, and we look forward to solving your pest control needs in a prompt and courteous manner.UNİDEZ Center have local technicians that live and work in your area 7 days a week. This means we can be with you really quickly and keep our prices extremely competitive. The same local technician will see your pest control problem through from start to finish.WithUnidez Center you are totally protected. Everything our experienced and friendly pest control technicians do for you is insured and guaranteed.

Activities of Unidez Center

Whether it's your house, garden, office, warehouse, hotel, farm, sports ground or school that's being affected, your pest problems are in safe hands with us.Unidez Center's highly trained technicians offer a wide range of safe, effective pest control solutions - whether it's just a one off treatment or a long term service plan.UNİDEZ Center Pest Control specializes in all types of pest management solutions to residential and commercial properties, including termites, rodents, bees, wasps, and more.As there is not always one treatment solution for a pest control problem, we have the ability to customize treatments and prevention strategies that are best suited for your particular needs and existing problems. To do this, our pest control experts take the time to perform a thorough analysis before presenting you with the best solutions for your pest control needs.

We can also prevent recurring pest problems with ongoing monitoring, treatment, and addressing any mechanical or sanitation issues you may presently be encountering.If you believe you have a pest control problem, or would like to take preventative measures, please contact our office today.We always make sure that our work is child and pet friendly.Your pest problems will soon be just an unpleasant memory.
We handle all residential, commercial, and agricultural jobs nationwide.

Disinfection services

Our facilities allow us to provide disinfection of any scale and difficulty: from a small flat to huge industrial plant.We provide disinfection in institutions related medico prophylactic and food industry; in café and restaurants; in flats and private houses. Beyond this, we provide disinfection of food and raw material cargo vehicles.Our specialists will handpick disinfectant agent taking in consider contamination properties. All disinfection measures can be taken in convenient time. In addition, we are eager to provide quality control and laboratory analysis if required.Employing our disinfection services, you can avoid many threats related to contagious microorganisms spread such as tuberculosis, respiratory, intestinal and other diseases.Moreover, you can always get a consultation from your specialists that is free of charge.