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Ulduz Chocolate and Caramel Factory

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About Ulduz Chocolate and Caramel Factory

The launch of the chocolate factory “Ulduz” in 2001 gave a strong impetus to development of the industry of confectionery and food products in the economy of our country. It has brought a new quality and a new taste in the domestic production of confectionery and food products. The products of the factory, which started offering the chocolates “Ulduz” in various assortments to the local market, shortly became favourite by consumers.Demand for the factory products was increasing day by day. Offering the new name – chocolates of “Ulduz” to the local market in various assortments, the factory has further strengthened its position. Quality product, nice packing, reasonable price and high-quality services have led to the rapid increase in the number of consumers. The factory has passed a long way from its original products – chocolates of “Ulduz”, which were soon liked and accepted by consumers, to the colourful variety of products of this day.

Activities of the chocolate factory Ulduz

Along with the local market, the factory “Ulduz” has gained high reputation at the markets of Central Asia, Russia and Georgia, offering chocolates of the brands “Ritm”, “Rocky”, “Tango”, “Xonca”, “Seasons”, “Sema” and “Wedding”, as well as other products in various assortments. Since 2014 the factory has expanded its activities, providing additionally two new lines of the “Top Nut” dragee and caramel lines of the brands “Cirtdan”, “Fresh”, “Alpine Milk” and “Villi”.

The factory always offers high quality products to the consumers, and it is now equipped with facilities that meet modern standards. The conditions created at our enterprise and constant upgrading of technological equipment have turned the chocolate factory “Ulduz” into one of the leading companies of the food industry. Since great importance is constantly attached to the issue of quality in the production process, the factory's management has examined the mechanism of activities of well-known chocolate manufacturers in Germany, Belgium, Italy and some other advanced countries of Europe and new up-to-date equipment was installed at the factory. Due to putting into operation of fully automated advanced facilities, the production volume increased and modern working conditions were established at the factory, which allowed competing with the most advanced companies in the world. At present, the production capacity of the factory exceeds 3,200 kg per hour.

Ulduz Chocolate and Caramel Factory

Chocolate products of various assortments produced at the factory spread in all regions of Azerbaijan and earned sympathy of a large consumer mass. For the purpose of enhancing dynamic development and expanding the export potential, an improvement policy is implemented in accordance with international standards.The achieved successes give the team an incentive for more responsible work and encourage them to keep the application of technological innovations in the focus of attention. Like any company operating under market economy conditions, the Ulduz Chocolate and Caramel Factory currently is also continuing its researches and trying to build its work at the level of to-date requirements.

As a result, the factory has become even more famous and expanded its consumer audience outside the country. With the increase of its export potential, the factory started to export Azerbaijani goods to such major cities of the Russian Federation as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ufa, Makhachkala, Kazan, Krasnodar, Rostov, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Nazran and Grozny, as well as to Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Israel, Iraq, Palestine, Yemen, Afghanistan, UAE and other countries.Due to having the modern warehouse infrastructure, the factory has become one of the advanced enterprises in the industry. During the formation of market economy, the main objectives of the Ulduz Factory are the use of modern technologies in the production and customer satisfaction.

The main goals of the factory Ulduz

The main goal of the factory is to maintain and increase its reputation by offering the local and foreign markets a wide range of high-quality products that meet the requirements of international standards, to organise the activity sphere in accordance with the requirements of local and international legislations, quality management and food safety systems, and, subject to the laws on halal food products, to offer the consumers fully safe food products, which they have confidence in.The factory currently employs about 600 workers in various fields. It is planned to expand production facilities at the factory in the coming years due to the release of new products. The increase of production volumes will create conditions for increasing the number of employees several times.The factory occupies a beautiful building, which is equipped with modern facilities that meet international standards and are manufactured by well-known companies that operate in Germany, Italy and many other countries of Europe.