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Ugur 97

Baku, Nasimi district, Samad Vurghun street, 58/60 AZ1000 *** 0 voted

About Ugur 97

The construction company "Ugur 97" was founded in 1997. In an initial stage of the activity the company was engaged in building of production facilities, offices and shops. Since 1998, the company actively is engaged in construction business of Baku.

For short period of time, the company "Ugur 97" constructed several lux-class apartment houses that decorated our city. There were built 3 houses in R. Behbudov street - 9, 10, 16 and 18-storied buildings. In 2001 21-storied house, near National Bank, in Sh. Badalbeyli street was built. The construction of 19-storied round building near Baku circus is in the process of completion, the first of 3 houses planned in this district. These are wire-frame houses: in which the skeleton is molded from concrete and the walls are made with a brick. The houses consist of three and four room apartments with the general area from 150 up to 224 sq. m. These are elite housing in houses of advanced quality located in developed regions of capital-city. 

The construction company Ugur 97

These buildings are constructed in original style peculiar to "Ugur 97", each of them having its own architectural features and supplements one another. The building in style of "Ugur 97" is not only a home-construction, but a whole housing complex. There are everything for convenience and comfort of the tenants in the houses. The accomplishment and gardening of contiguous territories, garages, supermarkets, laundry and other services are envisioned in the project in advance. For example, in a housing complex along R. Behbudov street under one of the buildings there was built entertaining family-health center "Aqua-park" with the large covered pool (with 25 meters in length), man and female saunas, massage cabinets, hairdresser's, children's pool with water entertainments, restaurant, cafe.

The projects of "Ugur 97" organically merge in the general architectural plan of Baku. All the materials and projects pass through expertise in project institutions and relating state structures and thus are provided with all necessary certificates and licenses. All the buildings are being constructed allowing for seismic stability to 9-point earthquakes. It is necessary to note that the company "Ugur 97" is one of few local construction companies, hundreds of local specialists are employed here. The company is one of the largest taxpayers in non oil sector of economy. Hereby the company stimulates development of national economy and local enterprise.