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Ujar District Court

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About Ujar District Court

Ujar District Court hears cases related to civil, criminal, administrative offenses and other cases within the territory of Ujar district as a court of first instance.

The information about Ujar district

Ujar district was created on 24 January 1939. There are different assumptions about the district’s name and old history. It is mentioned in the book “Roads of countries” by the Arabic geographer Al-Sitakry. Ujar is mentioned as a city of the middle ages. Badr Shirvani, an Azerbaijani poet who lived in the 15th century, also made notes about Ujar. According to some versions, the name of the district was derived from the Azerbaijani word “Uchar”. Other versions claim that the name derived from the name of an ancient Shirvan tribe “Uchar”. There is another assumption that the word “Ujar” derived from the word “Ucgar” [remote].

Although at present Ujar is located in central Azerbaijan, it is assumed that its name derived from the word “Ucgar” [remote] as the capital of the Shirvanshahs was located farthest away from Shamakhi city. The territory of Ujar district was part of Shirvan province in the past, then Shamakhi khanate, later based on the administrative reforms of 10 April 1840, of Caspian province, Shamakhi province in 1846 and was merged with Goychay district on 8 August 1930. Provincial divisions were abolished in 1930 and the current territorial division was adopted. Ujar district remained part of Göychay district then.

On 14 January 1939, Ujar was taken back from Göychay district and was organized as an independent district and Ujar District People’s Court (presently Ujar District Court) was established that year. Its economy includes cotton, grain production, husbandry, silkworm breeding, dry sub-tropical fruits, vine-growing, gardening and poultry farming. It has a population of 79.957 (17 June 2011), and its total area is 850 kv.km. The district is located in 240 km to the west of Baku, in Shirvan plain. There are 32 residential areas in the district. Ujar district is surrounded by Goychay district in the north, Kurdamir in the east, Zardab in the south, and Aghdash in the west. There are 41 refugees and 930 IDPs settled in Ujar district as a result of the aggressive policy of Armenian occupiers.