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About Tusiab

TUSIAB - combining Turkish businessmen under one roof, promotes investment, solidarity and cooperation between members, assumed an important role of being an economic, social and cultural bridge between two brotherly countries. Successful steps which have been taken reinforced the importance of the Azerbaijan market day by day and have increased the interest of foreign investors in Azerbaijan. In this context, our officials make official visits to Azerbaijan, meetings with Turkish businessmen during visits to TUSIAB that become an important source of motivation and increases enthusiasm of Turkish investors.

Activity of TUSIAB

TUSIAB, is in a state of dialogue with organizations and institutions of state bodies such as Azerbaijan Ministry of Taxes, Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Head of the State Customs Committee, governors of Baku and regions. At the same time it carries out Membership of Council of Entrepreneurs which is close to presidency of Azerbaijan and also membership of the Advisory Board of majority of ministries.interviews with government officials and business leaders of Azerbaijan and Turkey, briefings and conferences, industry meetings, legislative activities, and social assistance, advisory services and knowledge transfer, is only part of the activities of TUSIAB carried out in Azerbaijan. Alongside with regulation social and athletic activities TUSIAB, as well as on behalf of its members make agreements with policlinics for resolving health issues of workers. In addition, with the purpose of the acquisition of customer satisfaction, a convenient management, efficient staff and managers, training seminars for the managers, helpful staff and secretaries are regularly organized.

In order to be useful in the development of the economies of Azerbaijan and Turkey TUSIAB, objectively evaluates the developments and disruptions at the sectoral committees, bringing them into a report and provides to relevant authorities.Since its foundation TUSIAB is working with great determination on behalf of modern living standards have been caught in Azerbaijan, the products can compete in the world market and leads important services to each region of the country.

TUSIAB - a large non-governmental organization is one of the sails started by our country, taking its wind and power from successful and altruistic businesses, which honorably represents our country abroad. We believe that this success will be beyond imagined. TUSIAB which has become almost a symbol of righteousness, justice, unity and togetherness, will give new horizons to our country by its respectful image to national and spiritual values, with long-term projects and objectives. Our goal is to manage manpower, resources and money, to serve Azerbaijan an d Turkey, with the understanding "one nation, two states" many more years. Works and success of our businessmen are published in our web page, “Analiz Azerbaijan” business journal, and weekly economic and news bulletins and are presented for the entire world's attention.TUSIAB, is a reliable address of Turkish businessmen in Azerbaijan, and it will continue to be the same.