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Trade Industrial Company

Baku, Badamdar settlement, Sabail district, 3rd massiv, 1-ci mas. AZ1000 *** 0 voted

About Trade Industrial Company

The activity of private enterprises JSC "Commercial and industrial company" consists of the export and import of the equipment on oil and gas industry, laboratory equipment, measuring equipment. The company also conducts market research and provides clients with information services. Partners and customers are large companies, known throughout the world: SOCAR, Apsheron regional water company "Lukoil", "Turkmenneftegaz" and others. The company conducts its activity according to the standard construction and industrial technologies, existing international standards of occupational safety, environmental safety and supplies high-quality products and gives it an additional warranty. Highly qualified personnel of the company have a wide experience in this area and respect the principles of partnership. Also, "Commerce and Industry Company" is a representative of several foreign companies. It includes: the German firm "Kanex Krohne Anlagen Export GmbH", specializing in the production of measuring instruments intended for the oil and gas industry; German company Drager Safety AG – is one of the largest companies engaged in the production of measuring equipment; Slovak company "MediProgress", the activity of which is the production, sale and service of medical equipment; Turkish company "Hidromek Hidrolik ve Mekanik Makina Imalat Sanayi ve Ticaret LTD". In addition to representation, the company is a dealer of the Belarusian plant "Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant". The company quickly and accurately performs the signed contracts due to the high potential and gained experience, a convenient base for accompanying the sold equipment and goods, and in cooperation with reliable carriers and suppliers. Range of products and services is listed below: - Oilfield, wells equipment, pumping units; - Machinery of the construction company "Hidromek Hidrolik ve Mekanik Makina Imalat Sanayi ve Ticaret LTD"; - Motor-vehicle of the company "Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant"; - Measuring equipment of the firms "KANEX-Krohne Anlagen Export GmbH", "Company KANEKS" - "Krone Engineering, ROTA YOKOGAWA Gmbh & Co.KG"; - Laboratory equipment and furniture of the medical firms "MediProgress", "Drager Safety AG", "SANYO Biomedical Europe BV", "PORSA"; - Construction and repair work.